Fantasy Football Fun

With the Premier League season upon us, it's time for everyone here at Physical Project to adopt our best Mourhino/Redknapp/Ferguson/Wenger impressions and pick teams for our fiercely contested Fantasy Football league. We're opting to do something a bit different this year and have decided to use the Draft System from Roto Premier League Fantasy Football.  The system differs from traditional fantasy football games as only one manager can own each player and so it should make it a lot more authentic - and challenging! Already the battle lines are being drawn here between us all and the team names are taking shape - Fail Madrid, Farce-a-lona etc are all gearing up for the season.  The key will be to get a good team in the draft selection which we're holding on Friday ahead of the new season. The Roto system allows you to queue up as many players as you want in preparation for the draft - you've then just got to hope nobody selects them before you. Or you could opt to use the Russian Roulette "Auto" feature and let the system pick a team for you. Either way, it's going to be quite a season here at Physical Project HQ! 

If you want to create your own league and join in the fun go to

Now, will I get Kane or Lukaku....

Posted on August 10, 2017 .